Anzatan Commonwealth
Outback Industries
Outback Industries

Outback Industries is a new Recycling based faction, created with the intent to service The Anzatan Commonwealth's activities in the Churba sector and surrounding areas on many fronts. Outback uses not only itís recycling abilities, but also offers services including a well organized construction service and a superb raw materials transportation department. Backed by the consummate speed and unrivaled courtesy of its employees, Outback Industries is one of the most versatile and esteemed recycling companies the galaxy over.

Outback is on the forefront of technology, setting industry standards with an impressive array of comprehensive tools, all serviced by professionals of the highest degree. Created with the future in mind, Outback is dedicated to insuring the high quality of service most people have come to expect. This dedication, versatility, and a firm foundation in the Maldrood sector have led to the vast increase in the economic strength of Maldrood and the surrounding Bryx sector.

The brainchild of the former president Amrap Rathakar, Outback was later left in the care of the Tamerin Foundation, after Former President Rathakar decided to move on. Then once the Tamerin Foundation merged into the Anzatan Commonwealth, ownership changed yet again. As the leadership of the company looked for a firm base to stand on, they collected a command staff second to none and from there, everything else started falling into place. Operating out of a few worlds in the Churba Sector, Outback is in a state of constant growth, thanks to the enthusiasm of its current president.

Owned by the Anzatan Commonwealth, Outback Industries is a sister faction to Starypan/Suhi Spaceworks, Cerberus Corporation and Anzatan Resource Extractions. This coalition of factions stands as the major economic power in the Churba Sector.